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ACTOR / DIRECTOR / WRITER for film, theatre and television

Having spent his early career working as an actor and director in British repertory theatre, Charles set up ‘Television Projects’, a film and video production company making programmes not just in the UK and Europe, but also Africa, The Americas, China and Japan.  Alongside his film and television work, Charles continues to work on his own personal drama and arts projects, most recently with the Starving Artists Theatre Company of Los Angeles and The Thames Group of Artists in the UK.

C A L I B A N  R E M I X


Accolade Awards 2017 (Award of Excellence)  Best Shorts LA 2017 (Award of Excellence)  Global Shorts 2017 (Award of Excellence)  Global Shorts 2017 (Best Actor, Mark Pinkosh)  LA Shorts 2017 (Bronze Award)  Honolulu Film Awards 2018 (Aloha Award of Excellence)  Houston WorldFest 2018 (Bronze Remi Award)  Idyllwild International Film Festival 2018 (Best Edited Short Film)  



T H E  T E L L  T A L E  H E A R T 


Best Shorts LA 2018 (Award of Excellence)  Calcutta Cult Festival 2018 (Selected)  Global Shorts 2018 (Award of Excellence)  Global Shorts 2018 (Best Actor, Charles Sharman-Cox)  Houston WorldFest 2018 (Silver Remi Award)  Independent Shorts 2018 (Honourable Mention) Cannes Short Film Festival 2018 (Best Horror)  Poe Film Festival 2018 (Selected) Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2019 (Best Actor / Best Foreign Film)