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S W E E T  T H A M E S  R U N  S O F T LY

In 2014 Charles set up ‘The Thames Group of Artists’, a collective of thirteen working artists, each with a direct link to the River Thames, either through family, childhood or domicile.


Working collaboratively, ‘The Thames Group’ produced a body of mixed media art inspired by one of the most important literary works of the 20th century, TS Eliot’s modernist masterpiece, ‘The Waste Land’.


With the support of ‘Arts Council England’ and the independent arts organisation ‘Metal’, Charles commissioned award winning architect and theatre designer, John Lyall to create a pop up art gallery and performance space in which to present a travelling installation entitled ‘Sweet Thames Run Softly’ which toured the Thames Delta region of South East England throughout 2015.


As a direct result of the ‘Sweet Thames Run Softly’ project, Charles was commissioned to arrange and direct a platform performance of ‘The Waste Land’ for the ‘TS Eliot Prize for Poetry’ Readings held at the Royal Festival Hall, London in January 2016.                                            

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