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March 27th 2020 marked the 20th anniversary of Ian Dury’s untimely death from colorectal cancer. In commemoration the Thames Group of Artists produced All Kinds of Naughty, a mixed-media touring exhibition inspired by the songs and lyrics of the great man himself. Named after an unrecorded Dury lyric, the show, curated by Charles Sharman-Cox, includes paintings, ceramics, photography, sculpture, film and live performance. In addition it features work by some notable guest artists including Ian's wife Sophy Dury, Former Kilburn and the High Roads band members Rod Melvin and Humphrey Ocean RA together with Sir Peter Blake, Kosmo Vinyl and Han Lee de Boer.


In this short film by Sophie Tuckwell, Charles Sharman-Cox talks about the inspiration behind his 'What's My Motivation' piece for the All Kinds of Naughty exhibition.

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